How to Love an American Man.

HarperCollins published How to Love an American Man in August 2011, and United Talent Agency in Hollywood reps film rights. The memoir traces the year I spent receiving love advice from my grandma, the lovely (and no-nonsense) Gloria, in a way that's transforming the way women of all ages and relationship statuses are thinking about men...and womanhood.

Readers from their teens to their eighties, married and single, have written to say that the book inspired them to connect with the women in their families. Readers in their twenties and thirties -- all displaying such authenticity and intelligence -- write to tell me that Grandma Glo's wisdom about love has healed old relationship wounds or just made it okay to be ourselves in new romances. (Thank heaven for your wisdom, Grandma.) called the book "the next Eat Pray Love," and publications like Huffington Post (my favorite post is here - ha!),, MSN Glo (twice) and the New York Post's Page Six also have shown the book lots of love.

Book critics have related as well. The American Library Association's Booklist said, "Gasbarre’s reflections should resonate with many readers…including those who enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love."

Kirkus Reviews called the story "heartwarming," adding that it "comes across with an integrity and veracity women readers will undoubtedly appreciate."

Library Journal described How to Love an American Man as "sweet, respectful of traditions and manners mostly lost today."

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